How To Find Tiktok Pixel Access Token? [2023 Guide]

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How To Find Tiktok Pixel Access
How To Find Tiktok Pixel Access Token

A Pixel Access Token is often associated with the Facebook pixel, which is a tool used for tracking user interactions on websites that have Facebook pixel code implemented. This allows advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their ads by understanding the actions people take on their websites.

Let’s discover how to find TikTok Pixel Access Token with our complete instructions in this article! 

Why Finding Tiktok Pixel Access Token Is Essential? 

Finding TikTok Pixel Access Token brings great benefits for businesses: 

  • Conversion Tracking: With your Access Token, you can track conversions on your website. Whether purchasing, signing up for a newsletter, or any other desired action, TikTok Pixel allows you to monitor and optimize these events.
  • Custom Audiences: Access Tokens enable you to create custom audiences based on user behavior, which is invaluable for retargeting and segmenting your audience for more effective ad campaigns.
  • Optimizing Ad Delivery: TikTok Pixel data allows you to optimize your ad delivery to those most likely to take the desired action, maximizing the return on your ad spend.
  • Attribution Tracking: Understand how different ads contribute to conversions across various touchpoints in the customer journey.
  • Enhanced User Experience: By utilizing access tokens for analytics and tracking, advertisers can refine their targeting and messaging, leading to a more personalized and relevant user experience. This, in turn, can improve the overall effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

How To Find Tiktok Pixel Access Token? 

First, let’s go to TikTok Ads Manager. In your Tiktok Pixel dashboard, click Tools then choose Events

 Tiktok Pixel Access Token

Next, click on Manage under Web Event:

 Tiktok Pixel Access Token

If you haven’t added any pixels yet, generate one by clicking on the “Create Pixel” and follow the instructions to get your Pixel ID:

 Tiktok Pixel Access Token

After completing setup, choose the Pixel ID you want to set up conversion API: 

 Tiktok Pixel Access Token

Next, click Settings, then scroll down and click Generate access token under Events API: 

 Tiktok Pixel Access Token

Finally, duplicate the displayed token and be certain to store it in a separate location, as TikTok does not retain this information: 

 Tiktok Pixel Access Token
 Tiktok Pixel Access Token

Final Thoughts

TikTok Pixel Access Token helps you see what’s clicking with your audience and lets you tweak your strategy for even better results. Hoping our guide will assist you in finding your Pixel Token effectively. Contact us if you have further questions! 

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